Class Type Fees
Personal Training
(One to One)
Rs 1 500 per session of 1 hr
per person
Small Fitness
Rs 2 000 per session of 1 hr
per group max. 10 people
Online Personal Training
(One to One)
Rs 1 000 per session of 1 hr
per person
Online Small Group Fitness
Rs 1 500 per month, per person
(unlimited sessions of 1hr)

Description of classes

(a) All classes will be of a maximum duration of 1hr

(b) Should the client arrive late, there is no guarantee the client will receive the full session with the Fitness Trainer. However, if the Fitness Trainer is late for a session, the client will still receive the full session time.

(c) The client is not obligated to perform or participate in any activity that he/she does not wish to do, and it is his/her right to refuse such participation at any time during the training sessions. Should the client feel lightheaded, faint, dizzy, nauseated, or experience pain or discomfort, the client has to stop the activity and to inform the Fitness Trainer immediately.

Terms and conditions

(a) Terms of Payment: Payment should be made monthly by Standing Order payable on the 1st day of each month at latest or on the next working day if the 1st is a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday

(b) Payment is due for as long as the present agreement is valid even when the client is absent from class for personal reasons that are not imputable to the Fitness Trainer. These include absence for part of the month or absence for the whole month without service of the notice per Clause (e) below.

(c) Access to and participation in the activities offered by The Fitness Trainer shall be subject to his acceptance. The Fitness Trainer reserves his right:

(i) to terminate any right of access given for reasons, inter alia, of non-payment, misbehaviour towards The Fitness Trainer or other people participating in the activities offered by him during any given session; and
(ii) to restrict access to any particular session if it appears to The Fitness Trainer that the client is not in a state to perform physical activities, especially in cases where the client is in a state of drunkenness.

(d) Duration of classes: Classes run from January to December inclusive, except for the last two weeks of December when there is break for Christmas holidays.

(e) Should the client wish to terminate the present agreement, a one-month notice by email shall be sent to The Fitness Trainer with an acknowledgement receipt. Alternatively, one month’s fees can be paid in lieu of the notice.

(f) Dispute and set off: The client cannot withhold any payment due because of any dispute. The client is not authorised to effect any set-off of his own will.

(g) Attorney’s Commission: In case The Fitness Trainer needs to have recourse to an Attorney- at-Law to recover any sum due by the client to it under the present agreement, any fees, commissions and VAT payable to the Attorney shall be reimbursed by the client to The Fitness Trainer.

(h) The Fitness Trainer reserves his right to change the present Terms and Conditions upon prior notice given to the client who should signify his acceptance / non-acceptance of same. In case of non-acceptance, the present agreement shall be terminated.

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