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Exclusive session with Coach Stephan Manique

If you are too shy to work in front of other people whether indoor or outdoor, may be getting personal attention is what you are looking for. Stephan has more than 25 years of experience in coaching one to one fitness training. Depending upon his availability, Stephan makes it easy for you to exercise at home, at your work place or any site that suits you best in order to deliver results.

All personal training sessions last 1 hour.

Training programs are designed to your specific needs, be it to lose some excess pounds, getting lean muscles or maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits from our Personal Training

Stephan will help you develop a routine that is specific to your goals and your abilities.
Stephan is educated and experienced in fitness regimen and the body so much so that he knows the best way to utilize your time to see the greatest results.
One major benefit of having Stephan as your personal trainer is the accountability and motivation that he provides. Before you even leave your house you are seeing a benefit because you have made a commitment to someone, which makes it harder to back out.
Stephan’s goal is to help you to get to a place where you feel comfortable and confident exercising and able to create a workout for yourself that will allow you to feel healthy and fit.
Stephan will teach you various exercises for the different muscles that you need to focus on and the proper way to do these exercises. You could be completely unaware that you are doing an exercise incorrectly and be actually doing more damage than good so his instructions in this field will help to guarantee you do not get hurt.