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If you like working out in an open space, breathing fresh air, get wet, muddy and don’t mind whether it rains or shines, well, Outdoor Fitness is definitely the class for you.

This 45 minutes workout is designed to help you burn unwanted fats, tone muscles and feel great about yourself. All fitness levels are welcome to join in.


Benefits of Outdoor Fitness

Get fit, breathe in some fresh air and meet new people

Getting fit in the great outdoors is a sociable and fun way to exercise and 45 minutes in the fresh air easily trumps pounding the gym treadmill. Our Outdoor Fitness training is bound to be intimidating at first but persevere and soon you’ll be dipping and lunging like a pro. If you’re really serious about changing your physique, then be prepared to get out of your comfort zone.. As the saying goes, no pain, no gain!

You don’t need to be superfit

Don’t be put off if you are not fit as a fiddle as the classes cater for all fitness levels. If you keep attending classes you will soon be moving up the ranks as your fitness levels improve.

Boost your confidence

After your first class, your body will feel the effects big time, but a few sessions in you’ll probably have lost weight. Keep going and soon you’ll be glowing with health and confidence – and maybe drop a dress size.

Feel Good factor

Working out in a natural environment can help you stick with regular physical activity because of the feelgood factor. The oxygen boost you get from the fresh air gets the serotonin flowing. And it’s not just about feeling good. The natural environment puts extra demand on the body, meaning you need to work harder to perform the same exercises.

Challenge yourself

Your coach will help you mastering the fundamental exercises while using the correct form and technique to ensure your workout is properly effective.

The first lesson is free !

Stop talking about getting more active and just give it a whirl. The first lesson is free – so there are no financial excuses – and hopefully you’ll have a blast into the bargain.




4.30 PM

Please note that there are no classes on public holidays