Our Classes

Our Indoor Fitness classes are always different. We change the routines every week so that not only the body doesn’t get use to it, but, most importantly you do not get bored!


S45 is a high intensity fitness session, 45 minutes long, that will challenge both your Mental and Physical Strength by executing various cardiovascular and muscular movements using your own body weight combined with Resistance tube, medicine ball, TRX and other light equipment.


TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It is a suspension trainer designed to workout using your own body weight. You can adjust resistance simply by moving to or away from the Anchor Point. This is a great device to build up strength and tone muscles.


H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it is a form of exercise in which short periods of extremely demanding physical activity are alternated with less intense recovery periods. One of the biggest advantages of HIIT is that you can get maximal health benefits in minimal time. 

Medicine Ball

A Medicine Ball is a weighted ball often use for rehabilitation and strength training. At Mauritius Fitness Studio, we have developed a concept, “ Medicine Ball Exercise “ which is an alternative to
dumbbells, which is used to perform some exercises, whether cardio and/or muscle building that will help you burn more fat, increase your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training is a form of Body Conditioning, Endurance Training or Resistance Training or a mix of all three different trainings in one session. At Mauritius Fitness Studio we divide the space we have into several stations where each station represents a particular exercise that one should perform for 1 minute. After one minute one switches station until he/she completes all the stations. Repeat until class is over.

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